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A well-decorated room deserves equally lovely furniture. Whether plain or unfinished, simply old or worn, any furniture can be revitalized with a decorative  finish, even just a carefully applied coat of paint.

A decoration project could be an extensive revamp of an entire suite of furniture, or a quick and simple face-lift for a well-worn favorite table or chair.

Paint Effects

Paint Effects

A lot of furniture has flat areas which cry out for decoration. From simple colored patterns to rich, varied textures and realistic pictures, there are paint effects to achieve whatever decorative result is desired.

     It is a good idea to prepare the surface to be decorated by sanding it first, this will smooth out any lumps or bumps, and if the furniture is already painted, polished, or varnished, will abrade the surface, keying it so that a new base layer of paint will adhere well. Cupboard doors and drawer fronts make great canvases for trompe l’oeil and other pictorial treatments. There are many sources for illustration ideas, such as magazines and books full of images which can be copied or traced onto furniture and then painted. 

painted furniture






A plain side table gets dramatic with bright paints and pictures. 

The whole gamut of painting techniques can be used to decorate furniture mixing and matching to great effect. 

Different treatments can be applied to the different parts of a piece; for example, the carcass and drawers of a chest, or the panels of cupboard doors. Suites of furniture, such as dining tables and chairs, could be decorated with coordinated or counterchanged effects, the tabletop and chair seats in one finish, all the legs in subtly different textures, or closely related colors. Careful choice, of both the effects and the colors, is important, to avoid over complicating the look. Colors of similar strength and tone work well together, but even very disparate colors can be combined and coated with a textured glaze for an unusual, variegated effect. 

painted cupboard

Stenciling onto Furniture

It is very easy to adapt or build up stencil designs to fit a variety of shapes; small and portable items of furniture – trunks, occasional tables, stools – become special treasures with the addition of a stenciled decoration. Bold, simplified, or stylized stenciled images can be printed in sequence to make wonderful friezes and borders, and surfaces can be scattered with repeated motifs, giving a new lease of life to tired furniture. A single image, perhaps linked to other furnishings, can add a whole new dimension to a room.

Painted furniture has a particularly approachable quality, the vibrance and energy of color giving otherwise quite solid and heavy-looking pieces an air of gaiety and lightness. Stenciling adds a subtle touch of order to painted decoration by virtue of its neat, firm edges and controlled, repeatable patterns. With a number of separate stencils combined, complex designs can be applied to large and complicated pieces of furniture, using the stencil images in various groupings, or singly, and in conjunction with plain colors painted as backgrounds, or to highlight parts of the piece. 


With any stenciling, the success of the result depends on the stencil itself being cut and positioned carefully, and the color being applied with as much imagination as skill.  


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