Taking care of your Solid wood Furniture

Like every living and breathing thing needs little TLC to thrive, same goes for your solid wood furniture as well.

Wood is a living and breathing thing which contracts with cold and expands with heat/humidity. It is no surprise therefore that everyone who owns solid wood furniture needs to know the proper way to take care of your furniture to ensure its optimum performance and durability. Since you are making an investment when you decide to get your furniture made in solid wood you might as well equip yourself with some knowledge about wood material. And a little knowledge can go a long way when it comes to wooden furniture. Don’t worry we will keep it short and sweet.

1. To maintain the shine of your solid wood furniture, clean it with a mixture of jojoba/olive oil, beewax and eucalyptus oil (few drops for antimicrobial effect).

2.Always wipe the furniture surface with a clean dry soft cloth and it should be dusted regularly to avoid dust particles settling on a the surface.

3.Never use regular Colin to clean the solidwood furniture surface as it will make the wood polish dull over a short period of time.

4.Avoid exposure to outside elements as much as possible.

5.If there are light scratches, simply wipe the surface with bit of cooking oil which will help the marks to blend in easily.

6.If there are cracks and chips it has to be taken cared of ASAP to stop it from becoming worse. For this you will have to take the piece to a wood worker or back to the place where u got it from or if you have ordered the furniture from us then you can bring the piece to us so that it can be restored to its former glory.

7.Be careful if you have pets around the house specially if the pet is teething then your wooden furniture will be their favorite toy to munch on. To avoid heavy damage for time being, you can cover the legs of dining table and chairs with double socks. Spray with the mixture of ACV and water on the exposed area if socks can’t be used.

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Written by: <br> Kasa Adbhuta
Written by:
Kasa Adbhuta

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