Home furniture shopping dilemmas

When it comes to choosing furniture for your home, you are bombarded with too many options these days. Whether to order it from online or go bargain hunting or reach out to some good brand from reference is another headache.

It is not a piece of cake to order from any online stores either as you have to do quite a lot of R&D on the quality and after sales services of the companies.

Following are few list of things we need to remember while thinking of ordering furniture online or offline:

  1. Will the company customize furniture according to your space and style requirement?
  2. What is their work quality like?
  3. Will the items be delivered on time?
  4. What kind of fabric quality does the company deal in for upholstery?
  5. Are the cost of items worth their quality or is it too much?
  6. What are their after sales services like?
  7. Are they willing to share the work in progress pictures?

so on and so forth…

Some good online furniture brands do offer premium quality furniture but the price you have shell out for the quality is pretty exorbitant. After all, you do get bored having same furniture look in about ten years time. It does ask for re-upholstery work and maintenance of the wooden pieces. With regard to re-upholstery work for sofas, if the quality of foam used is of low grade then you are simply wasting money by doing re-upholstery since the sofa will not hold its shape for long. 

Next best option is to go to a furniture store with retail presence who also does furniture customization and has an online presence as well. If the company has online presence then it’s always easier to get the company’s quality of work reviewed from genuine customers. 

For instance we at Kasa Adbhuta specialize in furniture customization in every range be it modern, ethnic, classical or rustic or industrial, we do it all. We offer best of quality at a reasonable price. Depending upon what clients are looking for we give suggestions on the kind of furniture to choose for your home. We are not just into the furniture bit but even the flooring, wallpapers, curtains and mattresses. Basically whatever it takes to make your house make it look and feel like a home we do it all apart from civil works.

The best part of working with our company is that we call the clients for inspection of the raw items where all the polishing work is finalized right in front of the client. Sometimes it does happen that clients don’t like the furniture even after making all the changes and wants refund, then as a last option we do it with no questions asked. Anything to make our clients happy because at the end of the day we provide services and if clients are not happy then next best thing is ‘Paisa wapas’ as we won’t have it any other way.

Finally, we can all agree that buying furniture is a huge investment and we don’t want to waste it on some poor quality work now do we? So be smart and happy shopping guys!!!

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Written by: <br> Kasa Adbhuta
Written by:
Kasa Adbhuta

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